Episode 8

Published on:

23rd Feb 2021

RBT Mini Series - Start Here!

Welcome to the first episode of the BT Focus Podcast: RBT Mini-Series!

In today's episode, you will receive a general overview of the RBT certification, including:

  • Why might one pursue an RBT certification?
  • Who can become an RBT?
  • How do you become an RBT?
  • For Centria behavior technicians - Who do you contact if you have RBT questions?
  • How to avoid common application mistakes
  • Information on the RBT exam
  • How to maintain your RBT certification
  • ... and much more

Tune in for future episodes as we walk step by step through the 2nd edition RBT Task List, hear from fellow RBTs and clinicians in the field, and gather valuable study tips and resources on your path to becoming an RBT!

Resources listed in this episode:

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